Increase Revenue and Productivity

VoiceAlly is a mobile and desktop communication tool that allows professionals to dramatically reduce their time spent on data entry.

Easily capture and distribute important client information and follow-ups.

Sales / Customer Service Professional

Stop Typing Notes

With 1 to 2 clicks, Simply speak your notes/tasks and immediately have your Salesforce/CRM opportunities updated.

Never Forget Details

Capture more detailed notes immediately after meetings as well as requests or follow ups.

Free Up Hours

Spend more time on client and revenue generating activities.

“Entering data is very time consuming, I’d rather spend my time selling!”

67% time spent on other activities, only 33% time spent selling/customer service

Sales Management

Increase CRM Adoption Rate

Utilize your CRM Investment, make it quick and easy for team to make updates.

Better Reporting

Be in the know! Accurate snapshot of pipeline at any given time.

More time to mentor and coach

Know where to focus your time and improve your pipeline.

50-70% of CRM Initiatives Fail to Take!

Managers buy expensive CRMs only to have their team abandon it.

Why VoiceAlly?

Easy Set up, get going same day - 1 minute Setup!

Take less than 30 seconds to create notes, add a task, log a call - without typing!

Increase Revenue and Productivity - Better insight to know where to focus your time.

Mobile App - How It Works?

One Minute Setup

Sign in with your Salesforce account.

Choose Action

You can either add new note, new task, log new call or view next steps.

Talk And Submit

Your speech will be automatically transcribed into text.

Notes Posted in Real Time, Done in 30 Seconds

Desktop Solution - How It Works?

One Minute Setup

Add VoiceAlly Chrome extension.

Click Call Me Button

After call is completed, click VoiceAlly Icon in Browser. Click CALL ME button.

Talk And Submit

Your speech will be automatically transcribed into text.

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